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Image by Daniel Chekalov
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Connection is everything.

We will unashamedly…build meaningful connections with people (life), encourage them in their connection with Jesus (faith), and develop a felt connection with the community we find ourselves in (love).

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We are so excited to lean into our relationship with Matthew House! Matthew House provides temporary shelter, settlement supports, and connection to community for Refugee Claimants. 

Currently, we are looking for families to commit to the donation of a fully stocked Clean Home Starter Kit. These kits are given to refugees as they secure housing locally - as a gift and a starter kit to keep their new home clean & safe!

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what's in a kit?
  • laundry basket

  • mop & bucket

  • extra bucket

  • toilet brush

  • dustpan

  • microfibre cloths

  • dishwashing gloves

  • garbage bags

  • sponges & scrubbies

  • window cleaner

  • dish soap

  • laundry detergent

  • all purpose cleaner

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