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Thanks for taking a few minutes to check us out and dig-through a bit of what we're about!

A growing relationship with Jesus that shows itself by how well we love others, is key to who we are and what we're about.

Jesus was radical in His treatment of people and His display of love. 

Because His sacrifice paid for our mistakes, we're forever grateful and feel that living our lives with Him at the center is one of the best ways to not only show our gratitude to Him, but also our best chance at loving those around us like He would.


"As someone who has grown up in Church settings that are large (both in building size and number of participants) and well- established, the idea of a home church has sat in my mind for many years; a beautiful idea, perched in the rafters of my "maybe one day" plans.


I've followed the stories of other's journeys into home church. I began to intriguingly study different models of 'church'. I started to separate the lines between what Jesus called us to do as His followers, and the habits/procedures/rituals of the modern church; and then to line my findings up alongside the things He has placed on my heart, and the hearts of those I am walking through life with.

I have experienced first hand how a small group setting is often the catalyst for real and lasting life change. I believe that most of us on our walk with God can attest to this experience, to some extent. Bible studies, retreat weekends, even volunteer teams; there is a stark difference between attending an organization as an audience member, and participating in a raw and real relationship with others, passionately pursuing Jesus together.

The second option requires accountability, vulnerability, and connection. We know in Proverbs we are told that as iron sharpens iron, so that man sharpens the countenance of his friend. We know that we are called to strengthen and support each other's walk with God - and we believe
that small groups of committed individuals, connecting together in homes, is a beautiful way to create meaningful life change.

Our mission states that we believe Connection is Everything. We see this in the example of Jesus. He came to Earth and created connections with the people He encountered. We know that He chose to go through the ups and downs of His ministry alongside a small group of others. When He met with people, He visited them in their own homes. He met them where they were, in the realness of their situations. He connected.

Our mission in its entirety is to build meaningful relationships with people (life), encourage them in their connection with Jesus (faith), and develop a felt connection within the community (love). I wholeheartedly believe that this mission aligns with the Great Commission, right here in our own corner of the world. We are about to embark on a beautiful, Jesus-filled journey of creating meaningful connections with the people we are in groups with, and the groups we are able to serve in our community.

We are here to serve, to love, and to connect."


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