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helping build faith + community,

one life at a time. 

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Connection Church was birthed out of opportunity and passion.

We're a bunch of people who care deeply about seeing people discover the hope and purpose that Jesus offers...but also the love that He shows through people when we do life together.

Our structure is a home-church focused model. What does this mean? It means we have one message each week; we then have small groups that meet together all over the city, in living rooms and backyards, to watch this message together and share in discussion.  At the end of each month, all of our groups gather together to celebrate all Jesus has done and is doing.

Our home-church leaders are chosen for their heart for Jesus and for others. They are built-into and cared-for, because we highly value them, but also because it helps them lead those in their group with excellence.

our vision (what our goal is)

helping build faith + community, one life at a time.

our mission (how we'll get there)

connection is everything.

we will unashamedly…build meaningful connections with people (life), encourage them in their connection with Jesus (faith), and develop a felt connection with the community we find ourselves in (love).

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